Saturday, August 7, 2010

SPELLBOUND for Writers Island 15

                                    Long ago there lived a young witch named Hovelkort. She lived all alone in a big castle with spells automating everything. She had the power to control anything around her. But she was also mortal, with an expected lifespan of about 110 years, which she thought was too short. Then Hovelkort came across this book from her great great grandfather Sybladort's collection. The book described death as the only spell cast by earth on witches and human. It described 7 rituals to be done everyday for 75 years to attain immortality. The witch's body could attain some state of immunity against all spells and witchcraft then onwards.
                                      Hovelkort started doing the rituals everyday starting from her 25th birthday. This kept her busy, and time went swiftly, without her having a husband and family. She became old and on her 100th birthday Hovelkort had reasons to celebrate...
                                     Time passed away, labeling 200 calenders as 'outdated'. Now she was old, actually too old. She cannot control her body with her spells anymore, as that was surrendered for immortality. But aging continued at its own phase. So she stayed on her bed, day and night, trapped in the castle she used to rule. Memory was becoming worse from bad and she forgot a lot on a daily basis. After 50 more years she forgot every spell, for the namesake let us call Hovelkort a witch!…She is believed to be laying alive underneath the earth, after her castle was swallowed by an earthquake.


  1. Sounds like people in Hollywood.

  2. Nice story and kind of sad as well :/ Thank for sharing this wonderful read!^^

  3. I think this is first time reading your words....nicely done and thanks for sharing