Monday, August 16, 2010

Brave Knight (Microfiction Monday)

"He saved my life 7 times. Still haven't seen his face. Wonder if he exists! " The princess thought.

Susan from 'Stony River' organizes and hosts this weekly meme. Thank you Susan J She provides a picture and the challenge is to create a story in 140 characters or less – including punctuation! Click here  to read more marvels of micro fiction

Thursday, August 12, 2010

55-Tough guy

You won't sleep for 15days,
If he punch you on your face,
You won't stand straight up again,
If he punch and thunder your backbone.
You will sleep in eternal peace,
If he punch beneath your chest.

Yet he cried one full night,
The day his wife left,
Taking with her the two small kids...

This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man, over at Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words.

My nuts

Dry my nuts,
Squeeze it, Crush it,
To take my blood.
Let your kitchen survive…
 -Palm tree 
                              In response to theme thursday  hosted here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Microfiction Monday #43

"Papa, here is greetings from this newly found york city"...

Susan from 'Stony River' organizes and hosts this weekly meme. Thank you Susan J She provides a picture and the challenge is to create a story in 140 characters or less – including punctuation! Click here  to read more marvels of micro fiction

Saturday, August 7, 2010

SPELLBOUND for Writers Island 15

                                    Long ago there lived a young witch named Hovelkort. She lived all alone in a big castle with spells automating everything. She had the power to control anything around her. But she was also mortal, with an expected lifespan of about 110 years, which she thought was too short. Then Hovelkort came across this book from her great great grandfather Sybladort's collection. The book described death as the only spell cast by earth on witches and human. It described 7 rituals to be done everyday for 75 years to attain immortality. The witch's body could attain some state of immunity against all spells and witchcraft then onwards.
                                      Hovelkort started doing the rituals everyday starting from her 25th birthday. This kept her busy, and time went swiftly, without her having a husband and family. She became old and on her 100th birthday Hovelkort had reasons to celebrate...
                                     Time passed away, labeling 200 calenders as 'outdated'. Now she was old, actually too old. She cannot control her body with her spells anymore, as that was surrendered for immortality. But aging continued at its own phase. So she stayed on her bed, day and night, trapped in the castle she used to rule. Memory was becoming worse from bad and she forgot a lot on a daily basis. After 50 more years she forgot every spell, for the namesake let us call Hovelkort a witch!…She is believed to be laying alive underneath the earth, after her castle was swallowed by an earthquake.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Talkative one

He keeps talking
Without stopping
Inquiring and intruding
Into my silent world.
After the vacation my aunt and her 7 year old son left to kuwait this morning. He really irritated me a lot. Waking me up early in the morning. Always compelling me to play football…

Wonder why i miss him!. . .

This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man, over at Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Decades before a graveyard stood,
Welcoming the dead and mourning relatives.

Now for sale.

140 Character story micro, thanks to Susan at Stony River

Friday, July 30, 2010

Depth of secrets,,,

Rust and scars,
Do challenged me,
But I stayed strong and tight,
Until the right key turned,
To reveal the secrets in me...

This story is in response to the picture prompt offered by Willow at Magpie Tales.  Hope you will find it interesting and thanks for stopping by:)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

55-My Grandmother

I was small and she was so old,
When we last, had a talk.
She was wise and cared for me nice,
Feeding, Comforting and helping me bath

All went fine, until the time,
Destiny took her far from me.
Still she lives, near to my heart,
With the memories of those good times.

This is my friday flash 55 attempt.Hope you find it interesting :) .
This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man, over at
Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selling Something (Story)

by Bennet Fertignand

Bill was in charge of the expensive painting. There came an old woman into the showroom. She wore an expensive diamond necklace  that flattered her richness. Bill thought for a moment that her handbag is filled with credit cards. He could easily see that it was a golden chance. She smiled at him and asked "Who did this painting?"

                Bill was excited. Selling this piece meant a lot of money as commission. "Well Madam, Nice to see you. This is a painting by the great Bennet Fertignand. He is considered as the lead man in oil painting. Look at the pattern of color used. Depth of the picture is outstanding. It gives a third dimension. Its a marvelous piece and the best of its kind. The idea is like light penetrating the water surface and forming a whirlpool. Look at the scattered light particles in water. Aura of light signifies divine energy. A positive energy it holds. I think it will suit your guest room. Being near to christmas, we also have a reduction in price. The offer goes... "
                  The old lady interrupted "Ok, that was nice to hear.". Saying this she swiftly moved to another painting.
Bill was disappointed.
                 "Hey dude, That colorful crap is beautiful. What does it mean?".He turned his face to look at the owner of this voice. It was a shabby young man with a 'care for nothing' air.  He wore a poor outfit. Bill could easily judge that the person was poor and could never afford the painting unless he sold his house, if there existed one. He tried to neglect the person. He sensed that the fellows presence could keep a lot of other people away from his product. That tested Bills temper.
                    "Are you deaf. I'm askin what is that mess over there behind you on the wall?" this time a bit louder the voice came.          
Irritated, Bill responded. "A big godzilla, peeing on the ocean surface. Now anything else", sarcasm flavored his talk.
                    "Fantastic idea indeed, That must be its leg at the right corner. I thought it was some artistic, imaginative bullshit you know. That was different!. But my wife wont allow that in our dining hall. Nice to meet you dude, by the way I just won the monthly lottery. I am in search of an expensive present to convey the good news to my family. But these things are too complicated… See you later. Happy christmas time...."   Saying this he walked away briskly.               

Some learned marketing ethics never do fail

This one is in my contribution to theme thursday hosted here. Do drop by to see what others got to say...

Prince and his Princess (poem)

There lived a prince,
And he had a princess,
Who spent everyday happily.

They used to walk,
So near by ,
Slightly rubbing their shoulders.

They used to talk,
With so much fondness,
That she would flush so often.

They cared each other,
Like the mother,
Who looks after her new born child.

They believed each other,
Without any doubt,
Which kept the quarrels out of their palace.

They lived a long life,
Keeping the love,
That they found when they met first time.

But one day, seeing their joy,
The angels up high,
Learned what the word 'envy' felt like.

So ,,,

Unlike any other story, Nothing went wrong.  They are still happy...;)

This is my contribution to the.
 one stop poetry.
do drop by to see what others got to say

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cigarette talk ~5

Magician decided to give a message against smoking to his audience. He produced some earthworms and leaches in a glass jar. They kept moving. Taking a large puff from the big cigar he exhaled the smoke into the jar. Then he snapped his finger and everything in the jar burned to dust.
Mrs. William exclaimed : "Wow!. That sure has some medicinal values..."

Cigarette talk ~4

In class room...
Teacher : "Great scientists fumed their brain to be creative."
That day onwards young patrick started smoking.

Cigarette talk ~3

Monk: "Years of meditation gave me the power to reduce my heart 
            beat at will"
Jacob: "Well, smoking did that to me without meditation or a 'will'!"

Cigarette talk ~2

Jenny: "I quit smoking after my boyfriend left me"
Julian: "Why is that?. Usually people start over that.,"
Jenny: "Ya,  but,... whenever I put that small stick into my mouth,  
            I started missing him!"

Cigarette talk ~1

Seeing her husband lighting another cigarette, Nancy protested.
Nancy : "Dear, please stop it, you know, smoking results in impotency!"
Husband : " Ah, I have a hectic work schedule these days. Can't you                  start smoking in weekdays?"      

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mother of stars... (poem)

They are my children,
Five in number
And they were destined
To be stars so young.

Lived as a prostitute,
I suffered a lot,
Trapped as a slave,
By the drug mafia that ruled slum world.

I send to heaven,
With my own hands,
All the five stars,
Female in gender,
With unknown fathers; To shine up there.

I feel no regret,
As they escaped,
From the horrible fate,
Offered to them here...

140 Character story micro, thanks to Susan at Stony River

Family Problem (story)

                               Sky was clear but with stars on it. It was a cool night with a full moon challenging the darkness.Dennis was sitting at a corner of the open terrace. With his face buried in his hands, drops of tears dripping down his elbow. They traced some random paths along the way. He could sense the heat of his face on his palm. Suddenly he burst out in a shrieking yell
        "Why do I need a Daddy like this. I don't want him in my life anymore. I don't care anymore
         for him. Whatever happens, just take him away from me. Why don't something horrible
         happen to him?" .
His voice settled down to a lower volume as he kept crying out more. Lot of repetition was there. But new additions were severe than preceding ones.
                                 Dennis felt something behind his head. Surprised, he stood up suddenly. The tip of a leaf from branch of symna did the job. He called that tree symna. That was the best part he found in the big scientific name of this tree his mother told to him.
'Why there was not a small movement anywhere else. By the way how this branch trespassed over to the terrace all of a sudden'. Dennis observed through his water filled eyelid. Atmosphere was still without even a small breeze. He can't remember noticing such an intrusion, when he came up there. He was sure that the leaf moved behind his head from his neck, up to the top of  his right ear.
       "I am going to crush and break your backbone" he mumbled placing his smooth hands over the slender branch.
He started bending it,
                                W...A...I...T..., W..A..I..T..
Hearing the whisper Dennis was alarmed and statue-d his position.
                                 STOP DENNIS, THAT HURTS...
the whisper continued.
Startled he removed his hands.
          "Do you speak?"
Dennis enquired in a trembling tone.
"No, I can't speak. But still you can hear me. I have got something to show you"  the tree replied.
Dennis was a bit confused. He heard only the last few words. Putting the middle finger inside and tilting a bit, he tried to clear the way of his left ear.
"Now take a look into the round leaf, second one on your immediate right" the tree said.
                                      Dennis moved near to the leaf. He got hold of that. It was a bit curly at the sides. He tried to unfold that. Then a mirror like thing appeared on its surface. It showed him a 
clear picture of the top view of some accident plot. There was a person lying on the road with face down and covered in blood. Suddenly things around appeared moving, like in a movie. Two men came with a stretcher near the body lying there. They put him on the stretcher and wiped his face with a white towel. The red towel was thrown away carelessly. Face of the person was focused and shown on the 'full leaf '.

                      Dennis teared the leaf, broke the branch, thrashed it on the floor and stamped on it. He stared at the tree, frown appeared and with finger pointing at it he yelled
"If that happens to my daddy, I will put you on fire!!!".
 Furious he rushed downstairs.

Moon: "What a horrible way to teach a small kid a lesson?. You didn't make him feel good."
Tree:   "C'mon, I just solved a family problem . That too risking my life ;)"
'I will put you on fire'- Dennis

Hello Guys

Actually I didn't plan for this blog at all, when I started blogging,some time back. All I thought of was to have a place to write down things that I find interesting along my ways. So began with onderstaan. Then I came upon the G-55, Magpie and Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word challenge. The new ideas I found when participating in these challenges inspired me to start this blog. I will put only genuine stories authored by myself, here. They are open to criticism. Hope you will find them interesting...