Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selling Something (Story)

by Bennet Fertignand

Bill was in charge of the expensive painting. There came an old woman into the showroom. She wore an expensive diamond necklace  that flattered her richness. Bill thought for a moment that her handbag is filled with credit cards. He could easily see that it was a golden chance. She smiled at him and asked "Who did this painting?"

                Bill was excited. Selling this piece meant a lot of money as commission. "Well Madam, Nice to see you. This is a painting by the great Bennet Fertignand. He is considered as the lead man in oil painting. Look at the pattern of color used. Depth of the picture is outstanding. It gives a third dimension. Its a marvelous piece and the best of its kind. The idea is like light penetrating the water surface and forming a whirlpool. Look at the scattered light particles in water. Aura of light signifies divine energy. A positive energy it holds. I think it will suit your guest room. Being near to christmas, we also have a reduction in price. The offer goes... "
                  The old lady interrupted "Ok, that was nice to hear.". Saying this she swiftly moved to another painting.
Bill was disappointed.
                 "Hey dude, That colorful crap is beautiful. What does it mean?".He turned his face to look at the owner of this voice. It was a shabby young man with a 'care for nothing' air.  He wore a poor outfit. Bill could easily judge that the person was poor and could never afford the painting unless he sold his house, if there existed one. He tried to neglect the person. He sensed that the fellows presence could keep a lot of other people away from his product. That tested Bills temper.
                    "Are you deaf. I'm askin what is that mess over there behind you on the wall?" this time a bit louder the voice came.          
Irritated, Bill responded. "A big godzilla, peeing on the ocean surface. Now anything else", sarcasm flavored his talk.
                    "Fantastic idea indeed, That must be its leg at the right corner. I thought it was some artistic, imaginative bullshit you know. That was different!. But my wife wont allow that in our dining hall. Nice to meet you dude, by the way I just won the monthly lottery. I am in search of an expensive present to convey the good news to my family. But these things are too complicated… See you later. Happy christmas time...."   Saying this he walked away briskly.               

Some learned marketing ethics never do fail

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  1. Everybody got what they wanted & needed in the end!

  2. godzilla peeing...ha. fun take on the theme...happy tt!

  3. an interesting take on the theme.
    Nice TT ;)

  4. HMM a car sales man once missed out on making a sale because he completely ignored me when I went to buy a car. I had my track pants on and a t shirt. He'll never know that he lost a commission for judging a book by it's cover.