Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Problem (story)

                               Sky was clear but with stars on it. It was a cool night with a full moon challenging the darkness.Dennis was sitting at a corner of the open terrace. With his face buried in his hands, drops of tears dripping down his elbow. They traced some random paths along the way. He could sense the heat of his face on his palm. Suddenly he burst out in a shrieking yell
        "Why do I need a Daddy like this. I don't want him in my life anymore. I don't care anymore
         for him. Whatever happens, just take him away from me. Why don't something horrible
         happen to him?" .
His voice settled down to a lower volume as he kept crying out more. Lot of repetition was there. But new additions were severe than preceding ones.
                                 Dennis felt something behind his head. Surprised, he stood up suddenly. The tip of a leaf from branch of symna did the job. He called that tree symna. That was the best part he found in the big scientific name of this tree his mother told to him.
'Why there was not a small movement anywhere else. By the way how this branch trespassed over to the terrace all of a sudden'. Dennis observed through his water filled eyelid. Atmosphere was still without even a small breeze. He can't remember noticing such an intrusion, when he came up there. He was sure that the leaf moved behind his head from his neck, up to the top of  his right ear.
       "I am going to crush and break your backbone" he mumbled placing his smooth hands over the slender branch.
He started bending it,
                                W...A...I...T..., W..A..I..T..
Hearing the whisper Dennis was alarmed and statue-d his position.
                                 STOP DENNIS, THAT HURTS...
the whisper continued.
Startled he removed his hands.
          "Do you speak?"
Dennis enquired in a trembling tone.
"No, I can't speak. But still you can hear me. I have got something to show you"  the tree replied.
Dennis was a bit confused. He heard only the last few words. Putting the middle finger inside and tilting a bit, he tried to clear the way of his left ear.
"Now take a look into the round leaf, second one on your immediate right" the tree said.
                                      Dennis moved near to the leaf. He got hold of that. It was a bit curly at the sides. He tried to unfold that. Then a mirror like thing appeared on its surface. It showed him a 
clear picture of the top view of some accident plot. There was a person lying on the road with face down and covered in blood. Suddenly things around appeared moving, like in a movie. Two men came with a stretcher near the body lying there. They put him on the stretcher and wiped his face with a white towel. The red towel was thrown away carelessly. Face of the person was focused and shown on the 'full leaf '.

                      Dennis teared the leaf, broke the branch, thrashed it on the floor and stamped on it. He stared at the tree, frown appeared and with finger pointing at it he yelled
"If that happens to my daddy, I will put you on fire!!!".
 Furious he rushed downstairs.

Moon: "What a horrible way to teach a small kid a lesson?. You didn't make him feel good."
Tree:   "C'mon, I just solved a family problem . That too risking my life ;)"
'I will put you on fire'- Dennis

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