Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prince and his Princess (poem)

There lived a prince,
And he had a princess,
Who spent everyday happily.

They used to walk,
So near by ,
Slightly rubbing their shoulders.

They used to talk,
With so much fondness,
That she would flush so often.

They cared each other,
Like the mother,
Who looks after her new born child.

They believed each other,
Without any doubt,
Which kept the quarrels out of their palace.

They lived a long life,
Keeping the love,
That they found when they met first time.

But one day, seeing their joy,
The angels up high,
Learned what the word 'envy' felt like.

So ,,,

Unlike any other story, Nothing went wrong.  They are still happy...;)

This is my contribution to the.
 one stop poetry.
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  1. There is an element of unconditional love in your poetic story. thanks for sharing :)

  2. nice to hear... easily the neat and best love eh!

  3. ha. nice end...with all the past tense i was waiting for the gritty punch...but it never came. smiles. thanks for linking up with one shot!

  4. I love the end of this beautiful poem, it's brilliant and happy!! Thanks for sharing ~ Amanda

  5. Truth, beauty and wisdom all shared in one very splendid poem.


  6. You had me braced for the blow at the end. So glad it never came.

  7. Ha, nice twist at the end. It is okay to live happily ever after, isn't it.

  8. ahaa..the end took me by surprise..nice one..:)

  9. Hi, been away for a week so am catching up with all the great posts on One Shot..makes a change for the ending to be happy..nice one..cheers Pete